Brant Landon Bio Continued


About me… My name is Brant Landon.  I live in Atlanta, GA with my lovely wife and two boys.  I write suspense and thriller novels.  The target audience for my books is the young adult and middle grade markets, but my beta readers tell me that they are a thrilling read for most age groups. 

My father used to read to us growing up.  We would gather around and listen to him recite the stories in novels from The Narnia Cornicles and The Lord or the Rings to Laura Ingles Wilder’s books, and my imagination created a rich tapestry of images which entertained me for hours.  I loved to read and spent much of my time in the library and The Book Nook, a used book store near my house, looking for new novels to read. I have always loved a good story. 

I didn’t have a television growing up, so aside from my father’s nightly reading, I entertained myself by creating movies in my head. I started writing as a kid, mostly poems to get girls when younger, but later I wrote short stories from the movies I created.  I wrote on scraps of paper and notebooks which went missing through the years. After college I put the pen down and went out to slay dragons and make my fortune. 

In 2007, nearly twenty years after I stopped writing, my world crashed around my ears as so many others did in the financial industry.  I lost everything, and then some. In my darkest hour I was cleaning my home office, at my wife’s insistence, and found an insurance notepad with one of my short stories written on it in my young disjointed script.  I read it and thought to myself, This isn’t too bad.

I sat down at my computer that morning and began to write.  Instead of turning to drinking and drugs, I lost myself in the world in my head I had repressed so many years before.  It is almost as if I had opened a chink in the wall to my childhood which I had put aside.  The wall crumbled and a story poured out.  My first novel was okay, but needed help. 

I took classes and read books on writing, devouring as many as I could get my hands on while I wrote and rewrote my novel.  I hadn’t originally planned on publishing my work. I wrote for my own pleasure, and frankly, the idea of sharing my stories terrified me.  All the insecurities of that young kid who made movies in his head came back to me and simmered just under the surface of my confident adult self. 

In November of 2014 my sister suggested I take part in the NaNoWriMo, the annual novel writing project where you write a 50k novel in 30 days. I took her up on it and wrote a 70k word novel, Good Deeds and Consequences, in a single month.  I sent it to her and she loved it.  She encouraged me to look into getting it published.  Again the idea of sharing my work with the world is not something I had considered, yet I have always listened to good counsel and began the process.

I changed the title to World Gone Mad and the book is at the editor as we speak.  The journey has been a process, but one which is probably the most gratifying of anything I have ever done.  My writing helped me through a very dark time in my life and is my constant companion.