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About me… My name is Brant Landon.  I live in Atlanta, GA with my lovely wife and two boys.  I write suspense and thriller novels.  The target audience for my books is the young adult and middle grade markets, but my beta readers tell me that they are a thrilling read for most age groups. 

My father used to read to us growing up.  We would gather around and listen to him recite the stories in novels from The Narnia Chronicles and The Lord or the Rings to Laura Ingles Wilder’s books, and my imagination created a rich tapestry of images which entertained me for hours.  I loved to read and spent much of my time in the library and The Book Nook, a used book store near my house, looking for new novels to read. I have always loved a good story. 

I didn’t have a television growing up, so aside from my father’s nightly reading, I entertained myself by creating movies in my head. I started writing as a kid, mostly poems to get girls when younger, but later I wrote short stories from the movies I created.  I wrote on scraps of paper and notebooks which went missing through the years. After college I put the pen down and went out to slay dragons and make my fortune.  Read more

Inverview with Luiz

July 13th, 2015

This is an article based on an interview of author Brant Landon by Luis Diaz. It’s our goal to promote the authors Eve edits, favorites of Eve and Luis and contest winners. Enjoy!

Eve recently completed editing Gordon and the Bottomless Puddle by Brant Landon. This is a suspense fantasy novel for middle-age kids aged eight and older. Here’s a teaser about the book: There is a funny thing about family secrets; the deeper one tries to hide them, the grander the destruction when they surface. When Gordon Courbet discovers a clue to a long hidden family secret in his grandma's attic, he does what any curious boy would do; he searches for more. When a carefully woven mystery begins to unravel, he follows the clues into an adventure which will change his, and his family's, destiny.

After completing her edit Eve is convinced this story would make an incredible adventure movie. There’s plenty of suspense, action and many great messages. Mr. Landon used a very unique way of handling the violence in this book. While some creatures die in battle or accidents, the main characters have weapons which are magically anointed and they only incapacitate, rather than kill the foe. This proves to be an effective way for Gordon and his fellow heroes to get away and save the day, while offering some very amusing scenes.

A very exciting part of this novel is that Mr. Landon collaborated with his seven year-old son, Brodie. As Mr. Landon was writing, Brodie would stand behind him, reading over his shoulder, and offer his “two cents” worth. In fact, it was his son’s idea for the weapons to knock the villains out instead of killing them.

Mrs. Landon is a bit nervous about the idea of Brodie having public exposure due to his involvement with his father’s book. The author says his wife is a wonderful person, but is very private about their family life. She is focused on keeping a safe and secure environment for their sons. Mr. Landon says he’s sure the journey ahead will be interesting, at the very least.

Mr. Landon works full-time as a consultant, helping companies with their online optimization and online marketing strategy. He has been writing consistently since 2007. He wrote in high school and college, but didn’t really embrace it until 2007.  Gordon and the Bottomless Puddle is his third book but he says, “It’s the first worth publishing, if that makes sense.  Writing is a growing and learning process and like anything else, the more you do you, the better you get.” 

                About his writing process he says, “I normally create a scene in my head and enter the characters from stage left and press play on the movie.  That’s how my first three novels came about.  The first run-through is high level and I plot the novel scene by scene.  Then I start writing.  Sometimes the characters stay on script, many times they don’t.” I’m sure that’s where it starts to get interesting.

Aside from Gordon and the Bottomless Puddle, Mr. Landon is preparing World Gone Mad for publication. This is a young adult suspense novel about the son of a firefighter, and Union Negotiator, who is blamed for the bombing of a Muslim neighborhood. Tommy Brannon, the police chief’s son seems to be the only person in all of New York City who believes he didn’t do it.  Tommy gets caught hacking into the Transit Authority’s camera system to find the truth, and escapes moments before the police show up to arrest him.

Having heard from Eve about Mr. Landon’s mastery with action and adventure, I’m sure this will be another thrilling novel.

When asked about future books he had this to say, “I have already written another novel, and have a sequel to Gordon and the Bottomless Puddle outlined and ready as an upcoming project.”

You all know we at Eve Arroyo, Editing believe editing is second only to the story written. Mr. Landon seems to agree, saying, “Eve did a wonderful job of giving excellent suggestions while leaving the actual creativity up to me.  She didn’t try to rewrite my novel, and her input was invaluable.  It’s interesting how many times I read, edited and rewrote the novel on my own, and how much I missed.  That’s why having an excellent editor makes all the difference in putting out a quality novel that is clear, concise and error free for the reader to enjoy.”

I want to thank Brant Landon for sharing his time with me for this interview. He’s a very talented artist and you should keep him name in mind when looking for books, and possibly movies, for your young readers. You won’t be sorry. Eve and I wish him all the best with his writing, and we’ll let you know about future publications.



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