1.       Open document.

2.       Click on the Review tab at the top.


3.       Check that All Markup and Show Markup are selected.

4.       Click on Reviewing Pane.

5.       Make sure Track Changes is deselected.

6.       You will see all kinds of wonderful red notations. Everything plus comments will be in the Reviewing Pane.

7.       Place your cursor at the beginning of the document and click the Next button at the top, right.

8.       Read the revision and decide if you agree or not. Click either Accept or Reject. It will do the function you’ve chosen and move to the next.

9.       You can read comments in the Reviewing Pane or by hovering over the highlighted section. After you address all of the comments you can Delete all comments by using the drop-down menu under the Delete button at the top, left.

10.   If you happen to want to just Accept or Reject all changes you can do that with the drop-down menus under the respective buttons. I suggest going through them one-by-one to make sure it’s what you want.

11.   When you are finished go back to the top and make sure No Markup is selected from the drop-down menu under All Markup.

12.   That should be it!